Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 49 ~ One Year, One Nose

I know. I am so far behind in these posts -- as I keep reminding myself while I sit in my comfy recliner watching movie after movie after movie on a long, boring, do-nothing, rainy Sunday afternoon. Some days are just made for veging out and this seems to be one of them, but that niggling little voice in my head keeps reminding me I should be here, on the blog, y'know, blogging.

So here's hoping I don't sink into myself one of these Sundays and create a black hole in the recliner from which I never, ever return . . .

I made jelly -- well, I tried to make jelly. I didn't get the acid content right and the jelly never gelled, so I guess the correct word for what I made would be syrup. Jasmine Green Tea syrup. Can you just imagine how fabulous a jelly that would have been? Y'know, had it turned out? Maybe next time. But about that syrup -- it is so good. I cracked open a jar last night to add to heavy cream for dipping strawberries into -- one heaping tablespoon to a cup of heavy cream then whipped to a fluffy, airy mess -- it was divinity. I mean so, so, so very good. I was tempted to toss the berries and simply eat the whip with a spoon -- that good. It smells and tastes dead on like jasmine green tea with honey from Teazers Tea House up the street. I always make it a point to get it with half the honey because they use a heaping gob in the regular recipe, it's almost like candy. But the syrup, ahhh, the syrup is lush. There is that heady jasminey-ness (grandiflorum) and the smoky bitterness of a flagrantly green green tea. I'd give you the recipe, but since as a jelly it was a flop, I think it pointless. Once I actually get jelly out of it, I'll share. In the meantime, I'm thinking of drizzling it on my toast tomorrow morning.


  1. Sounds delicious! If you've ever tried Persian jams (and I'm sure you have!) you'll find them to be rather syrupy. I actually like that. Wish I could come over for some tea and toast!

  2. It's a rather thick syrup so yes, somewhat like Persian jams. I kind of like it too -- it seems more versatile this way. Maybe some day you can come for tea and toast! Thank you for posting :)



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