Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 43 ~ One Year, One Nose

Boy, am I behind in posting. Funny how time flies when you have a life ~ ha!

Stock flowers. My newest 'find'. My mother's been growing stock in her gardens for ages, but I never really gave them a second glance, or a single sniff, until I found a bundle of 'em at the nursery and realized, hey, that stuff smells almost kind of just about exactly like clove pink carnations! I say almost kind of just about exactly because pinks are cool and spicy, whereas stock is warm and spicy -- all honied clove and warm sagey leaf-like. I know, that's kind of a weird description, but that's how I smell it.

So of course, in line with the pact (won't grow it unless I can eat it, heal with it, or scent the room with it), I bought a bundle of stock plants. So worth it. The scent is not overpowering, especially since it is sharing garden space with real killers like jasmine and sweet pea, but the flowers are beautiful. I have yellow, purple, pink and magenta growing, and all of them have that beautiful sweet, spicy, warm, floral-clove scent. If I can get enough of them going, I think an evulsion might be in order.

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