Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 47 ~ One Year, One Nose

I got this really great German chamomile from Nature's Gift. I bought it because I was in need of something blue a while back -- sometimes the visuals in perfumery are as important as the olfactorials. I haven't had any G. cham for a long, long time. I think I used the last bit up a year or so ago in a hormone balancing soap. I prefer Roman chamomile over German for perfumery -- Roman is so fresh smelling, like the scent off a freshly bitten Pink Lady apple. German chamomile is more rustic and abrasive smelling, there's an edginess to it. It is sweet, spicy, verging on floral, but turns south somewhere in there, getting all abusive and mean. That's probably not an equitable description because I do like G. cham quite a lot despite what I've written here. My little 5% dilution is still mad strong. So, to my nose, G. cham's most redeeming quality scent-wise lies in the dry down. It becomes soft and pillowy and sweet, like the exhaled breath of a healthy baby.

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