Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 51 ~ One Year, One Nose

Refresh by Yuko Fukami

Refresh is a perfume Ms. Fukami created while studying perfumery some years ago, and has since tweaked and tweaked the formulation to its current incarnation. Ms. Fukami and I have discussed on an occasion or two that while the perfume is refreshing, a new name must be applied as it is so much more than that name implies.

Refresh is silky cool citrus/floral with warm woody notes. The opening is immediately uplifting, notes of lemon and orange emerge, followed by a tingling, tantalizing minty buzz, which is then followed by a beautiful soft floral heart (roses 'n' such) that is made slightly warm with woody notes of santal. On the whole, the perfume presents as citrusy green, smooth and fluid, silky and shimmery and bold, buttery, creamy, dreamy. Think pale green silk on love-flushed skin. There is an understated sensuality to this perfume, like a funny, quirky, so-not-your-type of guy who turns out to be a fabulous lover.


  1. Thank you for another wonderful review, Justine!

  2. I finally got around to renaming it, Justine.
    morning dew.

    1. That sounds much nicer. I have the bottle in my bathroom and splash it on every so often before work. I really like it.



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