Sunday, March 04, 2012

Day 27 ~ One Year, One Nose

Davana @ 1%

Outrageously tenacious and up your nose strong. Smells cool, clean, astringently fruity, tart, solventy, green, herbaceous, has background notes that are creamy, very distinctly belonging to davana, not like anything else.

Summary: tart, creamy, fruity, sharp, sweet-balsamic, tenacious, and the best is at high dilution, which brings out a precious kiwi-like note.

Davana isn't something I use often in perfume making, though I have in the past and particularly where a non-specific "fruit note" is required (see something like strawberry, kiwi, melon or grapes). I think it's an underused note considering its potential -- with citrus, like yuzu, it just goes mad -- screaming fruity. With vanilla it goes all strawberries and cream. With cocoa absolute it touches on cherry notes. Really cool material.

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