Sunday, March 04, 2012

Day 33 ~ One Year, One Nose

I thought I'd talk a little bit today about my new studio and the smells that are present and changing almost moment to moment. Today it's hyacinth evulsion and Parma EdP because I'm studying the hyacinth again to find out if it will work in a new composition I'm working on, and the Parma because I made a few small bars of soap with it as the scent component. So far so good. Earlier this morning it was clay -- I'm still unpacking boxes from the move and came across the clay, resins and powders box. Also found a big bag of ambrette seeds which smell fabulous. I can't say it smells like any one thing at any given time -- it's a cornucopia of scent -- ooh, and there's two types of oudh on my wrists, a CO2 and another which I can't remember anything about -- a gift, perhaps. Someone also sprayed some Lilacs & Heliotrope (Liz Zorn) on their way out to church a while ago, and that package of horse chestnuts that Y. F. sent me last fall is blazing out scent. What a way to spend a day.

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