Friday, March 09, 2012

Day 37 ~ One Year, One Nose

Rose Nerico by Parfum Phyto

Roses. You simply cannot go wrong with roses, of course, that's just my opinion. There are old roses planted in the backyard, and one miniature red that refuses to believe that winter has come and that spring has yet to be sprung -- the silly little bugger bloomed from November to now while the other roses in the patch dropped leaves and shriveled in on themselves. The unfortunate aspect of this precious garden of roses is that only one is fragrant while the rest are 'looking roses', or 'vase roses'.

Rose Nerico is Japanese inspired hand-rolled incense. They're meant to be burnt at very low heat (a censor or heater) that slowly releases the intense scent that feels as if it is creeping into the bones as it fills space with a heady rose and musk fragrance. I don't have a censor or an incense heater, so I improvise, as I often do, by lighting an incense charcoal and placing a piece of thick hand blown glass discarded by the glass blower over the charcoal and gently placing a single sphere of Rose Nerico upon the glass. It doesn't smoke. It doesn't burst with scent, no. It creeps. The room slowly fills with scent. It is invasive and encompassing and transportive. Heavenly rose. And it lingers.

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